1920s-Style Mugshots of Badly Behaved Celebrities

Another day, another sad celebrity mugshot. From the bedraggled hair to the mortified eyes to the general implication that the subject has been awake for days, these photos are all the same, and poring over them has begun to seem nearly as pathetic as starring in them. But Michael Jason Enriquez, an art director and advertising student, has found a way to make them aesthetically interesting again. For his Mugshot Doppelgänger series, Enriquez used what he calls the “eerie beauty” of 1920s Australian police photos as inspiration “to see what it would look like if you took modern day celebrity mugshots and turned them into something worth looking at.” Click through to see badly behaved celebrities like Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, and Phil Spector given the time-warp treatment, and follow the project on Tumblr for more.

Image credit: Michael Jason Enriquez