11 Vibrant Buildings That Glow

Great architecture isn’t always about sleek lines, minimal environs, and a neutral palette. As John Hench, Academy-Award winner and Disney Legend, said “color is a very critical thing. I’ve found that architects don’t like colors. Engineers too. And so somebody has to stand in. Because this is the finish of it. It is the emotional part of a structure.”

After spotting this rainbow hued sports complex that glows brilliantly at night, we couldn’t help but wonder what other larger than life versions of one of the best toys ever made might exist in the world. From a house in Turkey that glows inside and out to a hotel in Abu Dhabi that’s the world’s largest LED project, click through to check out some of the most brilliant designs in the world that break the minimal, black and white mold. Which is your favorite?

Polideportivo in Sa Indiotería by Jordi Herrero + Sebastián Escanellas – Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Image credit: Jaime Sicilia via archdaily

Providing a subtle light show all day long, a translucent rainbow-colored polycarbonate shell hovers over the complex, giving every space a soft, but vibrant, glow.