Glowing, Mesmerizing Vintage Photos

Daré alla Lucé is a mesmerizing series from Amy Friend, which we first fell in love with on My Modern Met. The artist transforms vintage photographs by pricking them with tiny holes, allowing the surrounding light to shine through and make them glow. She describes it as giving the photographs “back to the light,” and the title of her beautiful series completes the cycle. (It’s an Italian phrase that describes the moment of birth.) To Friend, the source of light is “the unknown,” which fits the work’s sometimes haunting imagery. There are plenty of playful pictures in the series, however, which is composed of mainly found photographs. Friend told MMM that she’s had a fondness for vintage photos since her grandmother shared an old album with her. She sometimes gets attached to the glowing strangers in her works, too — and how could she not? They’re completely enchanting. See more of Friend’s photographs past the break.

Image credit: Amy Friend