10 Playful Public Works of Art

If you prefer to actively engage with art without a “do not touch” sign plastered on the wall next to it, interactive, public artworks can make you feel like a kid in a candyland. We spotted a playful installation on Colossal that transforms a swing set into a whimsical musical instrument when people take it for a ride. We featured it past the break, along with other playful public works of art that inspire viewers to channel the fun-filled days of their youth. Each installation requires spirited and carefree participation to bring it to life. See what we mean in our gallery of playful public artworks, below.

Image credit: Olivier Blouin

Musical Swings

This musical installation, 21 Balançoires (21 Swings), from Canadian design collective Daily Tous Les Jours is a whimsical, interactive experience. The contemporary-style swing set in Montréal’s busy Quartier des Spectacles is a giant musical instrument, triggered by motion. Dreamy, pre-recorded sounds of pianos, xylophones, and more are programmed to play various notes — creating complex melodies when the swings move together. Apparently a secret song kicks into gear when all 21 swings are in use. We’d like to steal it for our own backyard — the one we’re pretending we have, anyway.