The 10 Grumpiest Movies Ever Made

Fresh from his spirited/baffling two-act with an empty chair at last month’s Republican National Convention, Clint Eastwood is back in theaters this week with Trouble with the Curve, in which he apparently plays an old school baseball scout who’s had it up to here with you damn kids and your money-ballin’ and whatnot. “A computer can’t tell if a kid’s got instincts,” he growls in the trailer, in the general direction of poor Matthew Lillard, playing the obligatory role of the smug young hotshot who must be shown what’s-what by the old pro.

Yep, Clint’s in full-on old coot mode in Trouble with the Curve, the last example of what’s best defined as a “grumpy old man” movie — in which a gent of advanced age grunts and snarls and yells at the whippersnappers, and usually ends up demonstrating how it’s done (whatever each movie’s “it” may be). After the jump, ten more movies that want you to get the hell of their lawn.

Gran Torino

The definitive “get off my lawn” movie is Eastwood’s 2008 film Gran Torino — as in, he explicitly sneers “get off my lawn” from behind a raised shotgun. Eastwood plays Walt Kowalski, a racist, xenophobic tough guy widower and former auto worker whose neighborhood has, well, gone through some changes. And while a modern audience demands that a character like that wises up and softens up, Eastwood also makes sure to have Walt Kowalski take care of those Hmong gangbangers for his new young friend Thao.