Australian Photographer’s Amazing Pictures of People Underwater

Narelle Autio has spent most of her life by the sea. The award-winning Australian photographer grew up in a beach community and keeps returning to water as a source of subject matter for her powerful pictures. Autio captures candid shots of passing bodies, playful engagements between floating figures, and potential shark bait from an otherworldly point of view. Bubbles from diving dudes come together to construct abstract forms; penetrating light from the skies above reveal mystical realms; and the eerie depths of dark waters exploit a factor of fear. Her most recent show dealt with water holes, but looking back at her whole body of work lets us know how deep she will go to get a moving image. Click through a selection of our favorite photos from five of the artist’s amazing underwater projects.

Narelle Autio, Abyss, 2006 from New Colour Works. © Narelle Autio. Courtesy Stills Gallery