Abandoned Spaces Reclaimed by Art

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of repurposed spaces around here. From bookstores, to libraries, and more, we’re fascinated and enamored with the creative and ingenious ways people have transformed abandoned buildings. We felt compelled to continue our journey through dilapidated houses and deserted structures by exploring the works of artists who have reclaimed crumbling architecture for the sake of social messages, to inspire collective wonder, and to simply give new life to the neglected, decaying spaces. These artists went big and took over entire buildings. Visit abandoned spaces reclaimed by art past the break, and feel free to share your favorites below.

Life-Size Dollhouse

Canadian artist Heather Benning created this candy-colored, life-size dollhouse while she was an artist-in-residence in the small town of Redvers, Saskatchewan. She modified an abandoned farmhouse by painting the walls pastel colors and filling it with furniture to match the period the dilapidated structure was abandoned (the late 1960s). To protect the installation, but make it true to form, Benning opened up the north side of the house and replaced the exterior walls with plexiglass. The scale of the reclaimed farmhouse referencing the miniature toy abodes of childhood makes it a truly wondrous sight.