Dating Tips from Your Favorite Television Shows

He’s a womanizer, a parkour-crazy spaz, and the reason his roommates invented a Douchebag Jar, but the real-life Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield) on Fox’s New Girl is a pretty cool guy. The Emmy-nominated actor — who also just launched his six-episode web series, Finding Susan Glenn — is actually married, although he admits he used to find it tough to talk to women, because he was extremely shy. Huffington Post recently caught up with Greenfield to find out what kind of dating tips he had for singles searching for a love connection. The advice is a far cry from something his Casanova alter ego might say, which got us thinking about our favorite TV characters and the dating tips they’ve shared over the years. Dig into some handy — and not so practical — dating tips from television’s finest after the jump.

New Girl

Several New Girl characters struggled to get back into the dating game — except for Schmidt, of course, who is content to wield his signature “close-up magic” on women everywhere. We learned Nick’s greatest dating tips in episode four when he got into the zone for a night out with co-worker Amanda. He danced naked in front of his mirror to reggae music, accidentally revealing his “pee pee and bubbles” to Jess. Later in the season, Schmidt returned with some more dating tips for his roommates after Jess has an awkward ate with Russell, or Fancyman as he is affectionately known. Jess hesitated to call Russell since “Schmidt says the moment a woman touches the phone, she loses her power. Unless she’s sexting, in which case she gains a half-power.” Although Jess’ stream-of-consciousness dinner conversation didn’t bode well for a romantic evening, she does deliver a few inadvertent words of wisdom about not giving up the “gold” to a guy — at least right away. “I don’t go on dates very often,” she admitted to Russell. “Guys my age always wanna skip the date and just go right for the gold. Which I don’t give them, because I’m stingy with my gold. Unless they dig for it.”