Brilliant Photographic Recreations of Famous Paintings

London-based photographer Tom Hunter is best known for his documentation of ordinary life and his touching portrayals of common people. RuGuru recently paired a collection of individual photos taken from several of Hunter’s series with the famous masterpieces from which they borrow their form. While Hunter’s photographs are far from faithful reconstructions of paintings, they each definitely reinvent the classic gestures and symbols in poignantly contemporary settings. His most famous work, Woman Reading a Possession Order, for example, plays with the sense of domesticity found in Vermeer’s original by photographing a squatter and her child. The connection between titles, the symmetry of the forms, the photographic medium, and the elements Hunter decides to include or exclude all contribute to some brilliantly relevant takes on classic artwork. Take a look at some of his greatest reinterpretations below.

Woman Reading Possession Order by Tom Hunter

Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window by Johannes Vermeer