10 Painters Whose Work Looks Like Photographs

The French word hyperréalisme was coined by Belgian art dealer Isy Brachot for an exhibition of work by an international group of Photorealists in Brussels in 1973, and… Hello? Are you still there? Want to see something cool? Here are 10 painters whose works’ immaculate brushstrokes sum up to a spitting image of a high definition photographic image, only instead of a click of a shutter, they were created through tedious careful labor. Proceed to slideshow. Gawk. Be amazed.

Marylin Minter conjures lush, sensual images, feminine flesh dripping with glitter or mercury or foam or tiny beads or splatters of dirt or… whatever it is this time. She does this by layering enamel paint on aluminum. In the end, she uses her fingertips to soften the brushstrokes. And you thought these were photographs.