10 Super-Embarrassing Moviemaking Typos

Your Flavorwire was excited, very excited, to talk about Alfred Hitchcock this week, because the release of Universal’s big new Blu-ray box set of Hitchcock masterpieces was slated for tomorrow. Note the use of the word “was”; it’s been pushed back until next month, in order to correct some unfortunate issues with the transfer and, hilariously, some rather insane typos in the re-rendered opening credit sequence for Frenzy. So we’ll talk about Hitchcock when the set shows up next month — in the meantime, inspired by this embarrassing (and certainly costly) gaffe, we’ve assembled ten other instances of unfortunate cinematic typos. Some came at the marketing stage, some in DVD mastering; some even show up in the titles, which is the kind of thing you’d think someone would notice. Check out these goofy screw-ups after the jump.

Magic Mike

The marketing machine at a Hollywood studio is massive and multi-headed, so it’s hard to take a film to task for a flub at the TV commercial level. But it’s also hard to believe that a giant spelling error could get past such a massive department, past so many pair of eyes, and yet that’s exactly what happened last summer, when (as reported by Huff Post), a TV spot for Magic Mike warned viewers that the film might make their “boyriend” feel inadequate. And maybe it did, but at least said boyriend might know how to spell.