10 Awesome Bunkers (Just In Case the World Ends)

It’s been a while since we thought about the doom and gloom prediction the Mayan calendar made for the end of this year, but with the days getting shorter and fall right around the corner, we’re back to wondering, what if there’s something to it? The experts claim that it was one big mix up because someone somewhere confused the Roman Stone of the Sun with the Mayan calendar and interpreted this year’s Winter equinox as the end of the world, when really it’s more of a calendar reset.

Whether you accept the idea of an imminent apocalypse or not, it’s always good to be prepared. From an underground villa in the Swiss Alps to a sprawling mini city preserving popular culture, click through to check out architecture that will save you and quite possibly your soul. Which would you choose to weather what may come?

Villa Vals by Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Müller – Vals, Switzerland

Image credit: HomeDSGN

If James Bond lived in a bunker, surely it would be this one. The all-equipped underground vacation home was intended to be completely integrated into the landscape to avoid spoiling the natural surroundings. As with any good underground villa, access is only possible through an underground tunnel via an unassuming wooden shed nearby.