Incredible Photos of Dreamy, Inverted Landscapes Projected by Camera Obscura

Cuban-born artist Abelardo Morell takes photos of impressionistic, inverted cityscapes and landscapes projected onto walls via an unusual camera obscura. He converts full-size rooms into a giant camera obscura through a tiny pinhole and unites the outside world with a variety of interiors. The results are incredible. He’s since switched to color and now frequently projects images right-side up with a prism, but his early body of work is full of rich, black-and-white photographs that look like inky fragments of a fading dream. Ornate architectural details, doorways, and mundane objects blending with mural-size monuments, skyscrapers, and blurry horizon lines make for a dizzying, hallucinatory experience. See Morell’s upside-down fantasy worlds in our gallery below. Find out more about the artist’s unique process over here.

Image credit: Abelardo Morell [Spotted via Job’s Wife]