Akram Zaatari’s Striking, Thought-Provoking Portraits of Affection

In Akram Zaatari’s arresting portraits, which we recently spotted over at It’s Nice That, young Arabic subjects pose for sweet, sometimes goofy portraits that provide a window their world. For instance, as It’s Nice That points out, it’s fascinating to look at all the images of subjects kissing: “we see same sex couples only because the conservative values held by those in Arab societies frowned upon any public interaction between men and women if they weren’t married.” But even with no context like this, each of these photos are evocative enough that a backstory blooms easily in the viewer’s mind. A large selection of Zaatari’s photographs are now on view at the Liverpool Biennial. Click through to see some of our favorites from the exhibit, and then head here to see even more of Zaatari’s amazing work.

Tarho and El Masri. Studio Shehrazade, Saida, Lebanon, 1958. Hashem el Madani 2007. Image credit: Akram Zaatari.