10 of the Coolest Trains in the World

Trains are not usually stellar examples of design — all that ugly gray-blue upholstery speckled to look less dirty, the gray plastic tray tables and greasy windows — but we recently came across these exciting photos of a Parisian train transformed into a moving replica of the Palace of Versailles, and couldn’t stop thinking how much we wanted to take a ride on it. Inspired, we’ve put together this compendium of some of the coolest train interiors in the world — from the gorgeous to the ulta-modern to the covered in kitties, whether permanent or temporary. Just imagine if some of these pulled into one of the most beautiful subway stations in the world — it’d pretty much be a design explosion. Check out a few amazing trains after the jump, and if we’ve missed a sweet ride, let us know about it in the comments.

This commuter train, which travels in between Paris and the city of Versailles, has recently been decked out like the Palace of Versailles itself, complete with paintings, golden sculptures and a recreation of the Hall of Mirrors. Why even get off the train? [Photos via Lost at E Minor]