Stunning Photos of Silent Hallways in Majestic European Palaces

Some would argue that it’s not difficult to create gorgeous photographs of majestic architecture. Baroque, European masterpieces are a particularly perfect subject for the lens, featuring picturesque, lush interiors and ornate trimmings. Artist Massimo Listri’s works center on these beautiful palaces across Europe, but there’s a twist. Each photo is a snapshot of an empty hallway, devoid of people. Apart from the velvet ropes standing guard before historical sculptures and massive paintings, and a few other modern touches, it’s as though these vast interiors have been completely untouched for centuries. Listri’s images make us feel as though we’ve snuck into the grand palaces at night and have been quietly roaming the hallways, exploring the books, artworks, and incredible architecture around us. Visit more of Listri’s stunning photos in our gallery to see what we mean.

Image credit: Massimo Listri [Spotted via Fubiz]