Revealing, Behind-the-Scenes Photos of ‘Mad Men’

If you haven’t recovered from Mad Men’s Emmy washout last night, then the work of photographer James Minchin should cure what ails you. The Fox is Black first tipped us off to the artist’s revealing portraits of the stars of AMC’s stylish, dramatic series. Minchin’s use of black and white creates a timelessness about the images, which unveil modern-day life creeping into the show’s 1960s setting behind the scenes. You can’t help but smile seeing Harry Crane and Ken Cosgrove gathered around a MacBook, Don Draper at his desk fiddling with a mobile phone, or Bert Cooper sporting a pair of sneakers with his vintage suit. Other photos show quiet, reflective moments of the cast as they prep for their roles. See some behind-the-scenes magic on the set of Mad Men in Minchin’s beautiful series after the jump.

Image credit: James Minchin