10 Albums Recorded in Fascinatingly Exotic Locations

Piramida, the new album by Danish five-piece Efterklang, is out this week. The album continues Efterklang’s march away from the experimental weirdness of their early recordings toward a more conventional sound, and it’s also a pretty somber-sounding piece of work — perhaps because it’s based on field recordings that the band took in a crazy-looking abandoned mining town in the Arctic Circle. Indeed, the backstory to Piramida is pretty fascinating, and it got us thinking about albums that were recorded in similarly exotic locales. We’ve put together a selection, and as ever, we’re open to suggestions. (Just please for the love of god don’t mention Bon Iver and his damn cabin.)

Efterklang – Piramida

Recorded in… an abandoned Russian mining town

Efterklang’s new record takes its name from an abandoned town in the Arctic, way up to the north of Norway, where the band took a whole heap of field recordings that they used in this record. By the look of the trailer above, it was a pretty amazing trip, although we’re not sure we’d have been going feet-first into that terrifying-looking pipe.