Quietly Disturbing Photos of Domestic Disarray

A framed, black-and-white wedding photo hangs across from a wall with a hole punched in it. A prescription bottle lies in the sink, pink pills spilling towards the drain. Bags of groceries tip over into a foyer through an open front door. There are no people in the collection of photos Michael Lewis has labeled Places & Things, but the disturbing tableaux we see are the results of their actions. In some images, the occupants of a home seem to have fled in a hurry — ice cream melts on a kitchen counter, a steaming bathtub overflows. Others — a broken doll lying on the floor, a plate smashed against the wall — suggest the aftermath of some domestic disturbance. Click through to see some of the most striking shots from Lewis’ portfolio, which we discovered via Faith is Torment, and visit his website and Behance page for more.

Photo credit: Michael Lewis