10 Incredible Pop-Up Homes

We’d love to live in centuries-old, grand palaces and stunning theaters, but in an Ikea universe where economic hurdles have forced us to be creative with fewer resources, pop-up living is a necessity. It’s also a chance to take control of urban space and transform it into a contemporary oasis where individual enterprise and community spirit shine. Other pop-up solutions endorse efficiency — as is the case with a pop-up apartment we recently spotted on Design You Trust. We’ve featured it, along with other pop-up homes, past the break. Each temporary architectural solution channels the low-cost, diverse, highly creative, and supremely pragmatic mantra of pop-up life. Take a closer look in our gallery.

Secret Pop-Up Living Space

Who needs all that pesky furniture in an 861-square-foot apartment? The Yo! Home says you don’t, and the designers have created a pop-up solution for the small-scale space. Rather than trying to stuff furniture into your cramped, overpriced pad, Yo! allows you to operate movable, mechanical pieces that open up to reveal secret spaces and places to hang. This bed, for example, disappears into the ceiling and unveils a sunken living room area.