TV’s Top 10 Sexiest Crime-Fighting Duos

Crockett and Tubbs had style. David and Maddie were explosive. And it was all about subtext when it came to Mulder and Scully. TV has seen a number of crime-fighting duos in its years, and the ones we remember most always had that certain “It” factor. On-screen chemistry — and we’re not speaking strictly in the romantic sense — is hard to come by, and lucky for us, there’s no shortage of it at the moment in the buddy cop/taking down evil rich people and terrorists field. In anticipation of Sunday’s Revenge and Homeland season premieres, we’ve decided to rank our favorite crime-fighting duos on TV, from “hotter than Bon Temps on a mild summer day” to “sexier than Inigo Montoya.” Is there a special couple we missed? Let us know!

10. True Blood: Andy Bellefleur and Jason Stackhouse, Bon Temps police force

They’ve come along way since Season 1, when Jason was just a washed-up football star and Andy the laughingstock of the town. Since then, a rather sweet friendship has developed out of their equally sad social standing, and they’ve even proven to be a halfway descent team, nailing Bud as the Obamas’ leader last season. Sure, they may not be the sharpest buddy cops television has ever seen, but between Jason’s ditziness and Andy’s grunting, these two got something you just won’t find on NCIS.