Amazing Street Art Based on Google Street View

Here’s a meticulous, mind-blowing art project by artist Paolo Cirio called Street Ghosts. Spotted by Rebel Art and Nerdcore, the grand tech/street art endeavor uses Google Street View to zero on in one particular stranger, their face blurred into anonymity, their story completely lost to some minuscule moment of their life passing by the Goggle Maps camera truck that one day. After he finds his muse, he goes back to that particular site where the image was captured and wheatpastes “a ghost” mural, transplanting the subject from the virtual world back into the real world.

Check out the official website which includes a comprehensive map of where each image was found, and where the artist has yet to go. Here are a few of them. New Yorkers will particularly enjoy the one of the security guard by the Lady Pink mural on Bowery which the local vandals weren’t much interested in bombing — unlike the Kenny Scharf mural that the guard was originally keeping watch over. 

Berlin. Image credit: Paolo Cirio