The Most Adorable Little Katz’s Deli You’ve Ever Seen

This is not the first time we’ve been blown away by miniature sculptor Alan Wolfson. His incredibly detailed dioramas of New York City — in all of the gritty glory of its heyday — wowed us when we first came across the Brooklyn-born artist’s teeny tiny versions of local landmarks like the Subway Inn and Nathan’s last year. The latest addition to Wolfson’s series, a piece that was commissioned by a collector who wanted to be reminded of his childhood, will be instantly recognizable to fans of When Harry Met Sally and/or a juicy pastrami on rye: Katz’s Deli.

“Part of the challenge in building this piece was to come up with a narrative that was believable,” Wolfson explains on his website. “Since I don’t put miniature people in my pieces how could I justify that a restaurant that is always crowded had no customers lining up for their world famous pastrami sandwiches? I decided to create a scene that takes place right after closing time, during the cleanup. Dirty plates are waiting to be removed, chairs are stacked on the tables and mops and buckets are at the ready.” Reader, dirty plates be damned, we want to go to there.

Image credit: Alan Wolfson. Spotted via My Modern Met