Crazy Bathtub Portraits of Tokyo Club Kids

If you thought that it couldn’t get much weirder than Photographer Hal’s photos of couples shrink-wrapped like pieces of meat, you were wrong. Thanks to a post over on Feature Shoot, we just came across one of the artist’s earlier projects, a wonderful series of portraits of Tokyo club kids crammed together in their own bathtubs. Hal came up with the idea because the lighting at the “nighttime beehives” that he frequented made it difficult to capture his subjects. So he did the only sensible thing. He started inviting himself home with them. “I think of the bathroom as being one of the most private and intimate place in anyone’s home,” Hal explains of his choice of location. “This provoked a shyness in the models, and created a unique excitement and inspiration in the scene.” Click through to check out a selection of the resulting images, which we guarantee will be the strangest thing you see all day.

Photo credit: Photographer Hal