10 New Must-Reads for October

As we’ve already pointed out, fall is always a big season for books, and this particular fall is just about as big as they get. As the weather starts to get chilly in earnest, warm up with short stories, nonfiction, and novels from shining new literary stars, established literary giants, and everything in between. In fact, we’re so excited about the pickings this month that we could almost double our regular list — we won’t, but keep an eye out for the honorable mentions at the end. Click through to read over the brand spanking new books we’re most excited about this month, and let us know which one you’re eyeing to go with that mug of tea in the comments.

Escape Velocity: A Charles Portis Miscellany (October 1)

The success of the film adaptation of True Grit has shone some much-needed popular light on the excellent and essential Charles Portis, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t do with a little more. This book collects a generous handful of Portis’s shorter and lesser-known works, from short stories to essays to a play, all infused with the author’s deadpan humor and oddball characters. For new fans and old alike.