10 Notoriously Disastrous Musical Performances

Musicians make mistakes, too. They’re only human, after all. But that doesn’t stop us from delighting in a bit of good-natured Schadenfreude when a performance devolves into a total train wreck. This week has seen its share of disappointment when it comes to live music, including an abrupt end to Jack White’s concert at Radio City Music Hall and the Biebs losing his lunch in the middle of a 105-minute-long set. In light of such mishaps, we’ve put together a list of some of the most notoriously awful, embarrassing, or otherwise disastrous live performances in recent history.

Justin Bieber drinks too much “milk”

Justin Bieber’s Believe tour is off to a bewildering start after the post-pubescent pop sensation vomited onstage during his performance in Arizona. While the Internet may be aflutter with speculations over the cause of the Biebs’s gastrointestinal malfunctions, we can’t help but sit back and simply enjoy the spectacle. According to his Twitter, dairy may have been the culprit: “And …. Milk was a bad choice! Lol.” But either way, the video clip is 12 seconds of pure Bieber-bile bliss.