10 Bizarre Interiors Inspired by Pop Culture

Vanna Bonta, the space traveling author, award-winning poet, and notable inventor of the lovesuit to promote sex in space and other similarly weightless environments, keenly observed that “popularity is not an indication of quality.” Case in point: Pikachu-inspired cars and engagement photos ala The Phantom Menace. We’re now adding over the top interiors to our growing list of unfortunate achievements by pop culture aficionados the world over. From an exact recreation of the Starship Enterprise’s famous flight deck in a London flat to a baby’s nursery inspired by The Dharma Initiative from Lost, click through to check out some of the most bizarre interiors that take obsession to another level entirely.

A bachelor pad inspired by Star Trek – London, England

Images via 24th Century Interior Design

Supertrekkie Tony Alleyne spent ten years painstakingly re-creating the Star Trek Enterprise’s famous flight deck complete with a computerized flight deck, flashing lights, and full scale “transporters.” There’s even a recorded greeting of Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard saying “Welcome to the 24th century” when you ring the doorbell.

The devastating kicker: Alleyne’s wife filed for divorce this year and by court order he has to tear out his labor of love so that she can sell the place as a normal Hinkley flat. Hey, she has apparently been paying the mortgage on the thing for the past 18 years.