Terrifying Puppets Inspired by ’80s Pop Culture Icons

Oh my god! Run! Mick Jagger’s giant lips are about to engulf you! What? Oh. False alarm. These are just caricatures of foam and latex, puppets used in an old satirical television show Spitting Image circa the mid 1980s. You may not have heard about because it was famous in England, mostly, save for that one Genesis video. Spotted by Nerdcore and profiled by Dead 2 Rights, the photographs of these amazing and bizarre puppets were featured in a 1984 book Spitting Images shot by John Lawrence Jones. Look inside for a Jesus-esque Bruce Springsteen, a demented Jack Nicholson, a near-psychedelic Pee-wee Herman and many more. Yikes. Also, wow!

Bruce Springsteen: For unto Us a Savior is Born in the U.S.A. Photo credit: Spitting Images, John Lawrence Jones