10 Great Actors Who Did Trashy Well

Tomorrow, Lee Daniels’ Precious follow-up The Paperboy hits theaters; it’s a film that’s received a lot of attention since its Cannes premiere last May, not all of it positive. And make no mistake, the movie is a mess, but Kidman goes all out in her portrayal of a bleach-blonde sexpot who gets hot and bothered for dangerous men. In honor of Kidman’s risky performance, we took a look back at some of our favorite instances of terrific actors indulging their trashy side on film. Our top ten are after the jump.

Robert Duvall, The Gingerbread Man

This 1998 film is mostly unloved by fans of both Robert Altman (who directed it) and John Grisham (who wrote the original story it was based on). But it’s a moody, atmospheric, and entertaining picture with a breezy leading turn by Kenneth Branagh, a chewy supporting role for Robert Downey Jr., and — best of all — Robert Duvall in full-on, crazy old coot mode. As Dixon Doss, the nutcase father of Branagh’s lover, Duvall sports a long beard, a wild accent, and a thoroughly unhinged disposition; the character almost seems like an evil twin to his Boo Radley, and Duvall is clearly having a ball playing it.