Peter Gronquist’s Armed and Branded Taxidermy

There is a section on Peter Gronquist’s website labeled “Sculpture/Weapons.” This is no metaphor for the power of art; arms are a central preoccupation for the Portland-based artist, who has made sleek guns branded with the Chanel logo and grenades shaped like Pac-Man. Trendland has pointed us towards perhaps his most powerful series, in which Gronquist embellishes taxidermy animal heads with antlers sculpted in precious metals that feature Gucci logos, machine guns, and even human skeletons. There’s even a neon McDonald’s sign affixed to a cow skull. Taken together, the pieces make a powerful connection between consumerism, the military-industrial complex, and mortality. Click through to see a selection of Gronquist’s sculptures, then visit his website for quite a bit more of his work.

Image credit: Peter Gronquist