An A-Z Guide to ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Style

Tomorrow marks the twenty-second anniversary of the premiere of Beverly Hills, 90210. The show’s soap-style drama was as amazing as its wardrobe — full of trendy, grungy, ridiculous fashions that every 1990’s teen coveted like crazy. Nothing compared to the sideburns and baby doll dresses that Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Andrea, Dylan, David, Donna, and friends made us love. Some 90210 staples have never lost their luster, while other designs were embarrassing experiments — but we just can’t resist them. We’ve catalogued the best of 90210 style for you in a handy A-Z guide. See what cropped cuts and denim delights await you, below.

Aerobic accessories

Lycra lived at West Beverly Hills High.