15 Gorgeous Wallpapers You Can’t Help But Covet

The Anthropologie catalog is one of the few free ware-peddling publications in print that we actually read. Scratch that. Covet. Sure they’ve started posting a digital version, but like most design porn, it’s best absorbed in the flesh. Now we admit, the monthly tome of whimsical inspiration can be intimidating. We’re often left feeling less than adequate about a kitchen lacking in charming Moroccan terracotta, unassumingly matching the playful, but sexy apron we don’t own. We wonder why the handmade felt bird’s nest dangling over our not-so-perfectly mismatched bedding doesn’t look as effortless as the set up we loved in last month’s home edition. We remind ourselves: it was probably in Mallorca.

Thanks to Renaissance Europe, there’s a sure-fire solution bringing hope to hopeless Anthropologie admirers everywhere, and it’s called wallpaper. From clever rolls that make your boring plaster walls look like salvaged scrap wood to a graphic mountain range designed by an 8-year old boy in Sweden, click through to check out some of the most creative options on the market today.

Scrapwood Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

Images via NLXL