Vintage “Beefcake” Photographs from the 1950s

We’ve posted quite a few vintage pin-up gals here before, but there has definitely been a dangerous deficit in male representation. It’s not only women that are visually, blatantly heralded for their physical form, after all. Throughout history — from Rudolph Valentino to Elvis to… whoever the Mr. Hot Stuff de jour is presently — famous and anonymous men of certain “type” have been popularly depicted in some miscellaneous activity that involved flexing and stretching. On that note, via These Americans comes another great selection of vintage eye candy, replete in oiled-up muscles, brawn-strutting pin-up poses and abstract compositions. It’s cheesy. It’s shameless. It’s… Beefcake! Behold the archival photos that you may have found in a men’s “fitness” magazine circa the 1950s, if you so fancy.

Image credit: These Americans.