10 Books to Restore Your Faith in Print

This week marked the release of Chris Ware’s unbelievably wonderful graphic novel Building Stories, which we (and everyone else) have been awaiting with bated breath for many months. The graphic publishing event of the year, the book is truly a world you can get lost in, and decidedly not one that you can appreciate on an e-reader — or even on your computer. Inspired by Ware’s effort, we’ve collected a short list of books that will restore your faith in the power of the printed book (if you ever wavered, that is). Click through for a series of books that take full advantage of their inherent bookishness, and if we’ve missed your favorite example of book-as-art-object, be sure to add it to our list in the comments.

Building Stories, Chris Ware

Ware’s graphic novel in a box — a set containing 14 separate parts — is a total triumph, an immersive story that you can literally (well almost) immerse yourself in. The book recommends places to leave its many pages, but like life, you can pretty much make it up as you go along.