Abstract Animated GIF Illustrations of Inspirational Quotes

In need of some creative inspiration? Rafaël Rozendaal’s series Happy Mondays, which he created for the UK-based Abandon Normal Devices (AND) festival, reinterprets famous quotes from cultural icons like Pablo Picasso, Bruce Lee, and Walt Disney, as crazy abstract GIFs. As the noted net artist recently explained to Co.Design, the continuous motion of the work is meant to create good energy. “I always try to [generate a feeling of] focus and concentration,” he says. “The kind of focus you have when you are kind of bored because you are not directly stimulated and for that reason you have to occupy your own mind.” Click through to check out the images, and see if his magic works on you!

Gradient Circle: “Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso. Image credit: Rafaël Rozendaal