Gorgeous, Mysterious Polaroids from the Bavarian Wilderness

Photographer Bastian Kalous tromps around the woods and mountains near his home, deep in the Bavarian forest (plus a few far away places as well), with one of his many Polaroid cameras loaded with expired film. The resultant images, which we spotted over at Colossal, are gorgeous and somehow strange, the expired film warping the already ethereal images. As Kalous told Fuzion Magazine, “The fascination of taking pictures of nature is the perfection of imperfect spots or places. The objects I mostly find are crooked, rough, dead… simply natural… The films are going their own way, bringing their own mood and creating an impressive scenery. It’s a symbiosis between nature and Polaroid. Like they are having a baby… Hopefully Mother Nature lasts longer than my expired Polaroid stock.” Click through to see a few of our favorites from Kalous’s incredible collection, and then head here to immerse yourself in much more of his work.

Photo credit: Bastian Kalous