An Alliterative Apocryphal Alphabet to Dazzle and Delight You

If you’re looking for a way to teach your child the alphabet, we do not suggest Nathan O. Marsh’s Alphabet Apocrypha. However, if you’re someone who thrills at wordplay or enjoys clever comics overflowing with devilish detail, we couldn’t recommend anything better. Marsh’s in-progress alphabet/web comic, which we spotted over at io9, is a brilliant and sometimes poignant satire of — you guessed it — traditional children’s alphabet books, and like many satires, it is much, much more fun than the original. After all, why have bouncing baby bunnies when you could have bastard badgers and butt biting barracudas over on breakneck bluff? That’s what we thought. Click through to see a few of our favorites (so far), and then be sure to head on over to Marsh’s website to see more, peruse close-ups, and even buy your very own prints.

Image credit: Nathan O. Marsh