Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Footage from Your Favorite Films

Here at Flavorpill, we’re always interested in seeing how movies are conceived and created. When we spotted a behind-the-scenes video from the filming of the 1975 camp musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Film Doctor, we were excited to check out interviews and other rare clips of the cult classic revealed. We feature the footage after the jump, along with other videos that put you right on set with your favorite films. It’s a chance to see these iconic classics in a different light and experience the energy and action from a unique perspective. See more in our gallery, below.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

In this clip, Rocky Horror Picture Show co-writer and actor Richard O’Brien — who plays the hunchbacked servant Riff Raff — reveals he wrote the rock musical (originally a 1970’s stage play) while he was out of work, to while away the time during long winter nights. He collaborated with Jim Sharman on the horror and sci-fi-themed parody. Frankenstein in a corset was born. This footage also features a young Tim Curry discussing the differences between filming the stage show and the movie. It was the British actor’s big screen debut, and he describes dressing up as Dr. Frank-N-Furter for three months as a schizophrenic experience compared to working in the theater. “If you spend the whole day in a pound and a half of Max Factor, at the end of the day when you wipe it off, there’s always a little bit left in the cracks.”