10 Internet Art Memes That Won’t Go Away

What’s in a meme? That which we call #BeastJesus, by any other meme would look as terrifying, and yet, the moment that sweet old lady had taken upon herself to restore the precious Ecce Homo painting, she transformed it into the Unholy-Mother-of-God-WTF-Is-Wrong-With-His-Faaace?!! Instant Internet classic, born of good intentions, paving its way straight into our nightmares. But wait… There’s more! Here are 10 art history and contemporary art-inspired memes that we love to hate and hate to love.

Beast Jesus

Image credit: Cheezeburger

The botched Ecce Homo is, of course, one for the ages. Immortalized in 8Bit, Halloween costume, SNLother art, tattoo and… prayer candle? There’s literally no stopping this monster. Jesus Christ! Indeed, it is a beast!