Blurry Oil Portraits of Vintage Film Beauties

Basing artworks on film stills isn’t anything new, but Nathan Ritterpusch’s series Old Enough To Be My Mother, which we recently spotted over at The Jealous Curator, takes a more wobbly view than most. These oil paintings, based on vintage film stills of ingenues and leading ladies, obscure the women’s faces with smears and wet lines, so you can’t help but think of makeup running — but it’s not just their makeup that’s running, it’s their faces. Even so, the portraits manage to be lovely, if somewhat sad, proving that beauty isn’t really only skin — or paint — deep. Click through to see a few of our favorites from Old Enough To Be My Mother, and then head over to Rare Gallery to check out more of Ritterpusch’s work.

Image credit: Nathan Ritterpusch