Shadowy Paintings of Espionage and Intrigue at Britain’s MI6

In honor of all the James Bond goings-on lately — including the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film as well as the forthcoming Skyfall, the newest addition to the franchise — The Fox Is Black has featured some stunning paintings of real-life MI6 espionage by James Hart Dyke. Marking the 100th year of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service back in 2009, artist Hart Dyke was invited to observe the confidential world of international spies, clandestine meetings, and classified surveillance for a series of paintings titled A Year with MI6. The result is reminiscent of the thrilling and dangerous world of 007. Hart Dyke’s work is a shadowy behind-the-scenes portrayal of Her Majesty’s most top secret governmental agency. Take a look at some of our favorite pieces below, in all of their exciting and stylistically veiled brilliance.

James Hart Dyke, Waiting In The Hotel Room, 2010