The Funniest ‘Saturday Night Live’ Halloween Skits

Everyone has their own holiday traditions, so there are no rules when it comes to celebrating the spookiest time of year, Halloween. For 37 years, Saturday Night Live has been helping audiences get into the spirit of the season with their comedic twist on iconic creepy characters and other macabre shenanigans. We’ve selected ten of the funniest Halloween skits from the series that are at least as funny as this “sexy” Big Bird costume — which is pretty hard to top. Venture past the break for more hair-raising hilarity, and add to our list by mentioning your favorites in the comments, below.

Matt Foley On Halloween

What’s not to love about Chris Farley’s legendary man in a van down by the river, Matt Foley? The motivational speaker returns to the burbs to teach several teens a lesson about egging houses on Halloween. Farley’s physical comedy is still some of the best stuff around, plus we get to see Christian Slater with floppy hair and a cut-off denim jacket. Phil Hartman also makes an appearance.