Crazy Mexican B-Horror Movie Postcards

John Cozzoli grew up in Brooklyn, but his immense, intense collection couldn’t reach farther out. He isn’t just hoarding B-horror movie memorabilia from the 1940s through the ’60s. He’s packing a particular flavor. Cozzoli’s blog Zombos’ Closet — profiled by Collector’s Weekly and spotted by Nerdcore — is a treasure trove of Mexican lobby cards and press books that promoted the adventures of werewolves, mummies, sex-crazed monsters, el luchadores from space, and what have you. Free from the uptight American censorship guidelines of the time, the Mexican ads are replete with exaggerated colors, campy smuttiness, pulpy gore… pure B-movie-a-go-go. Enjoy a curated peek at the goods in our slideshow, and then dive straight into his vast archive.

Image credit: Zombo’s Closet