Awesome Infographic: How Much Does a Logo Cost?

Earlier today Wendy’s debuted its new logo, a pared-down, cleaner version of the design that the fast food company had used since 1983, and the fifth update since founder Dave Thomas opened the first restaurant back in 1969. Most noticeably, the Western, old-timey font has been replaced with a bold, hand-drawn script, and Wendy has had her look slightly tweaked — her hair is no longer helmet-like and the neckline on her dress is slightly less Amish. While we have no idea how much this latest makeover cost them, thanks to the handy infographic above, we got a fascinating look at the price tag of several equally iconic logos, from the Coca-Cola design that was created by the company’s bookkeeper to Wolff Olins’ much-maligned identity for the London 2012 Olympics. Head over to Trendland to get more of the back story on each, and let us know in the comments which company you think got the most bang for their buck.

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