Stunning Photos of Abandoned Mid-Century Modern Homes

The Swedish photographer Mikael Olsson has been visiting two abandoned summer homes designed by architect Bruno Matthson for the past decade, documenting the condition of the houses over time to preserve what may be lost or forgotten when new tenants move in and inevitably repair what’s been left to deteriorate. Steidl Verlag recently published Södrakull Frösakull, a stunning monograph of Olsson’s project, that’s as much an homage to the lesser known Swedish designer as it is a comment about the importance of preservation.

It’s hard to say what’s so intriguing about decaying, deserted spaces, but admittedly, we’re hooked on abandoned architecture, from Olympic ruins and video stores to train stations and record shops. Click through to visit some of the most beautiful — but eerily empty! — mid-century modern homes we could find. Is it just us, or can you feel the ghost of Don Draper?

Summer House by Bruno Matthson – Frösakull, Sweden

Image credit: Mikael Olsson via Galerie NORDENHAKE