The Flavorpill Guide to DIY Pop Culture Halloween Costumes: Film

Halloween: it’s always more complicated than you want it to be. Even if you’ve got your plans set, it’s a struggle to find the perfect costume — without resorting to the same crappy, overpriced, pre-packaged getups everyone else will be wearing. Thankfully, just as we have done for the past two Octobers, Flavorpill is helping you out with a series of easy DIY costume guides tackling various pop-culture realms. Don’t worry — there’s no sewing involved.

Last week, we inspired lit fiends by channeling the authors and characters populating this year’s best book titles. We couldn’t forget about the film geeks out there, and have scoured the movie universe to come up with some original costumes that will make all the uninspired cat girls, black widows, and batmen jealous. There’s something for everyone — including couples and pets — in our DIY guide. Get shopping past the break, where we ventured to a Moonrise Kingdom, space, and beyond to help make your Halloween amazing.

Suzy Bishop and Sam Shakusky in Moonrise Kingdom

This year’s Wes Anderson film boasts major vintage eye candy, and we think dressing as the adorable and stylish Suzy and Sam would make for a great couple’s costume on Halloween. Moonrise Kingdom’s 1960’s setting and the young lovers’ quirky personalities creates a colorful palette to borrow from. The success of the costume is all in the details. Books, hand-drawn maps of your own secluded cove, and personal jewelry pieces would allow you to make the look your own. Sam’s uniform could easily be feminized with vintage-style dresses (everything earth tones) and unusual accessories.

The Costume:


Saddle shoes — $20, Payless, or go leopard — $129, F-Troupe (via Of a Kind)

Lace knee-highs — $10, Sock Dreams

Peter Pan collar dress — $45, ModCloth or $35, Dorothy Perkins

Raspberry beret — $12, Village Hat Shop

Binoculars Necklace — $24, Etsy

Beetle shell earrings — $16, Ivory Jar or real stag beetle earrings — $26, Wanelo

Grab a vintage suitcase or binoculars bag for cheap at your local thrift store. Fill it with books.


Raccoon skin cap (fake fur) — $10, Village Hat Shop

Khaki short sleeve shirt — $11, American Work Apparel

Khaki shorts — $21, Dickies

Olive wader socks — $15, Bass Pro Shops

Vintage Boy Scout patches — $12, Etsy

Vintage orange rucksack — $50, Etsy or $220, Archival

Vintage acorn and leaf brooch — $25, Etsy (or just borrow a pin from grandma)