7 Unexpected Celebrity Cameos in Real Life

Bill Murray has attained something of a mythic status over the past few years for his habit of making unexpected cameos in real life. A number of stories about the late-blooming hipster party crasher have made the rounds, with varying degrees of believability. This week, Murray bolstered his reputation for showing up in random places by joining in on a Brooklyn kickball game. But the former Ghostbuster is not the only celebrity with a legendary ability to make unusual appearances. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite real-life cameos by celebrities that keep us wondering where they’ll turn up next.

Bill Murray cashes in his hipster cred

Another classic Bill Murray sighting occurred at a bar during SXSW in 2010 with his Coffee and Cigarettes counterparts from the Wu-Tang Clan, where the actor apparently tried his hand at tending bar. Whether it’s reliving a Lost in Translation scene in your karaoke room, crashing your party and then helping with the dishes, or garnering speculation over a hypothetical couch-surfing tour, Murray is the uncontested king of real-life cameos.