Strangely Sexy Photos of Models Writhing Behind Colorful Plastic

Oh, my. These sleekly built male and female forms appear to be trapped in some sort of shrink-wrap alien goo, something mysterious and neon-rainbow-hued that reminds us a bit of Nickeolodeon Gak. We haven’t quite figured out what’s going on here. In any case, Julien Palast’s SkinDeep series spotted by Juxtapoz is really something. See the models writhe, flex, stretch, and freeze mid-ecstatic growl. Check the classically-influenced poses, unabashed jutting of anonymous chests, abs, pecs, and other various intimate bodily contours, and those blasting, vibrant colors. You don’t have to have a slight tingle of an encasement fetish to appreciate them, but we imagine it would help.

Photo credit: Julien Palast