Strangely Sexy Photos of Models Writhing Behind Colorful Plastic

Oh, my. These sleekly built male and female forms appear to be trapped in some sort of shrink-wrap alien goo, something mysterious and neon-rainbow-hued that reminds us a bit of Nickeolodeon Gak. We haven’t quite figured out what’s going on here. In any case, Julien Palast’s SkinDeep¬†series spotted by Juxtapoz¬†is really something. See the models writhe, flex, stretch, and freeze mid-ecstatic growl. Check the classically-influenced poses, unabashed jutting of anonymous chests, abs, pecs, and other various intimate bodily contours, and those blasting, vibrant colors. You don’t have to have a slight tingle of an encasement fetish to appreciate them, but we imagine it would help.

Photo credit: Julien Palast