The 15 Funniest TV Characters Right Now

Is Andy Dwyer the funniest character on TV? We know we struggle to keep a straight face every time Chris Pratt is on the screen in Parks and Recreation, between his sweetly doofy lines and his perfectly timed pratfalls. (As our colleague Kim Gardner reminds us, he makes an excellent FBI agent, too.) Our love of Andy got us thinking about who else might qualify as television’s most hilarious character right now, so we surveyed the Flavorpill staff to get their picks. See the 15 they shouted out — including now fewer than three more Parks and Rec characters — after the jump.

Schmidt, New Girl

“I’m a big fan of Max Greenfield’s Schmidt on New Girl,” writes Emily Temple. “Yes, he’s the perfect mix of ludicrous surrealism and oh-god-I-have-that-friend, but it’s really Schmidt’s joy at his own douchebaggery that has me giggling into my tea at night.” Asha Saluja agrees that the character is “annoying but brilliantly written and reliably hilarious. Plus,” she adds, “his preference for brown girls makes lots of his quips specifically relevant to me and thus more quotable to my friends.”