10 of the Most Unspeakably Filthy Basslines in History

As of this week, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea is 50, a fact that makes us feel a little older and a little grayer ourselves. But we also noticed that Mr. Balzary just about shares a birthday with… Ginuwine! Remember him? “Pony”? That video in the hillbilly club? That utterly filthy bassline? The cosmic coincidence got us thinking about some of the other naughty, naughty basslines from throughout the history of music — of all instruments, bass has the power to get the hips shaking, both on the dance floor and, y’know, elsewhere. We’ve selected some of our favorites, so let us know your suggestions, too. Just don’t do anything unspeakable in the comments section.

Ginuwine — “Pony”

This is as simple as it gets — three notes, played with a Bon Jovi style talkbox — but there’s something outrageously effective about it: the bassline is about as subtle as the song’s central, um, “metaphor” (“If you’re horny, let’s do it/ Ride it/ My pony”), it’s cheesy as hell… and yet it’s all kinds of awesome. And dirty. Very, very dirty.